Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bathroom vanities: what should you look for?

You can get a classy looking bathroom when you have bathroom vanities. They are helpful in keeping toiletries like towels, soaps and shampoos etc. You will be thus getting a well organized bathroom. Simply selecting any vanity for the bathroom may hamper the bathroom appearance. So beneath are few essential points to think upon if you wish to get perfect vanities for your bathroom.

Bathroom vanities magnitude measurement:

Measurement of your Bathroom Vanities is the first thing you need to check. This will help you to determine the right size of bathroom vanities for your bathroom. See to it that you do not buy big cabinets for a small sleek bathroom. It is because the complete space in the bathroom will get occupied.

If you wish to have spacious bathroom then you can go for ground mounted bathroom vanities. At the base of these cabinets is a fixed unit. This is the one which will be fixed up below the sink. They offer plenty space for storing things.

Plan out the styling and designs of these bathroom vanities:
The vanity deigns will take the entire credit for your bathroom's look.

Choose that design which you like the most:

You will find an array of option right from one with classic looks to modern looks. You can also go for combination of more than one design to get a different look. Vanities with different shapes can be opted for when you have large bathrooms. Think of curved shape bathroom vanities for adding a look to your bathroom. The design should be planned according to the other members of the family. A family with small kids should prefer cabinets which are closer to the ground.

Types of Material used for bathroom vanities:

These days you will find vanities made from variety of materials. The best options for you can be either glass or wood or even ceramics. However the base will be the same for any material and it is wood. But initially decide the type of wood you wish to choose for your vanity. The most chosen options of wood materials for vanities are hardwood, maple wood, oak wood, etc. Materials with natural colors are preferably the most suited option. Owners of bathroom with less natural light should make use of light coloured wood. But if you have huge bathrooms then dark shades will look elegant. Make use of woods which are easy to craft upon. Always makes sure you have a top coat applied after these cabinets are built up. It will make the vanities long lasting and durable.

Offer you a change in decor:

There are many who feel changing the Bathroom Vanity is equal to renovating the complete bathroom space. But changing only the vanities will change the look of your bathroom entirely. So it is important that you keep in mind the current decor of your bathroom while buying these vanities.

Consider the price list:

Always check the rates when you go along with vanities which are ready made. You can ask for the prices with few short listed providers. In case you wish for personalized vanities you can also opt for them. Hunt down manufacturers of vanities who would assist you with the right kind of vanities for your bathroom.
A keen observation on the above mentioned points will help you get perfect bathroom vanities.