Monday, August 13, 2012

Tips On Choosing The Right Bathroom Vanities

If you're bathroom always looks a mess with every available surface cluttered with toiletries and spare towels heaped in the corner, then you really should consider buying some bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom vanities are cabinets with a counter top and a sink sitting atop of that. They not only solve a lot of your storage problems but can also act as the focal point for your bathroom. The great thing about vanities is that you can have some fun choosing the individual pieces and set the scene for the look and ambiance that you have in mind. However, there are a few points to consider when choosing cheap bathroom ideas :

Choosing the size

For many bathrooms one of the smaller vanities is ample but if you have the space then you might like to consider a double vanity. This incorporates two sinks and storage below either in the form of cupboards or perhaps even with a couple of drawers. It's a great set up for a family bathroom, especially if you're all trying to get ready at the same time, but it also works well for couples and gives you both your own storage space for toiletries, razors, make up etc. Whichever you decide, there's plenty to choose from. Just remember when choosing bathroom vanities to measure your space carefully and ensure there is sufficient room for cleaning, especially if the vanity is placed near the toilet, and that there is room for a trash can if you need it to sit nearby.

Choosing the style

Choose a style which matches the d├ęcor of your home, otherwise it could stick out like a sore thumb. If your home is traditional you might want to consider antique wood vanities or even marble for an elegant look. If you have a modern bathroom then you might prefer something that is minimalistic, metallic and sleek. Great use is made in these styles of chrome or nickel matched with a frameless mirror.


If you're of a creative nature you can have fun putting your own look together and you could do this from home, using the internet. You'll need to select a cabinet, top, sink and mirror. One of the most prominent features of bathroom vanities is the vessel sink so choose something with the wow factor that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but make sure it fits your overall theme.


Since your bathroom gets a lot of use and you may be in this for the long haul be sure to buy quality materials which will last. cheap bathroom cabinets made from fiber board are a recipe for disaster. If you're looking to save money then RTA vanities which you assemble yourself could be the ideal choice for you.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beautify your space with cheap bathroom vanities!

Some times you might be thinking that your bathroom does not offer you the comfort it should in spite of including all the amenities. The main reason to it is that it misses the charm it should have and hence seems boring. This is the time you will plan to modify your bathroom. With remodeling you will be able to make the space more functional as well as attractive.

In case you do not have high budget then you can think of at least changing rta bathroom vanity at your place. With this your bathroom will look elegant as well as functional. Getting cheap bathroom vanities installed in your bathroom can be a good as well as cost effective choice. It is will to transform the entire look of the bathroom.

With cheap bathroom vanities the chances of them going out of date are slim. Such vanities have been in use since a very long period of time hence they offer nothing new. Years back the bathroom vanity was considered to be one of the status symbols. Even today it is considered to be the same to some extent. This is the reason behind people selecting modern cheap bathroom vanities so that they can flaunt their bathroom to the visitors of their home.

Having installed these cheap bathroom vanities in your bathroom you can give an unknown personality to it. You can find number of shapes as well as sizes for these vanities. With this, you have many options to choose from. The requirements and preference of every homeowner will be different. With varieties of vanities available style and theme of this can be selected as per your choice. Just make sure that you select the one that is suitable to the theme and design of your home. Cheap bathroom vanities are known for the beautiful and aesthetic look. They are also popular for their high levels of functionality. You will make your bathroom efficient as well as functional only if you have right kind of vanity selected with the right size.

Bathroom is used by all the occupants of the house. With big family the bathroom effects get limited. When you are able to have right kind of cheap bathroom vanities you will be able to provide your family members with high comfort level as well as breathe right kind of air.

There are a number of types of bathroom vanities available. These include mirrors, counter tops, sink and so on. Such items will ensure that your bathroom will look good.

You can design your pre assembled bathroom cabinets as per your persona. You can also make it a reflection of your personality by imbibing certain traits of yours. With this you will be able to give personal statement that too at an affordable cost. When setting to buy cheap bathroom vanities go through a lot of options as you will be able to come across the right one after comparing with the rest. This will assist you in taking the right decision.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets - Tips to buy for houses with Teen kids

Family members are the ones that convert a block into a house worth living. Therefore the kitchen & bathroom cabinets should be bought as per the requirements of the members. The requirements of teenagers are often ignored by the adults while making plans for the cabinets. They pay more attention towards the storage utilities of kitchen and bathroom equipments. Your relationship with your teen kid will be extremely good. However the selection of cabinets for these two prime areas should be done very cautiously.

Make a safe place for medicines and alcohol: Few parents like to stock alcohol. They might even have a separate bar area. Having a good stock of liquor is not a bad thing; just be careful when you have teens in your house. It would be a smart idea to keep the liquor within safe cabinet. Likewise, certain medicines should be also kept in locked kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets. There might be some prescribed medication for specific diseases. You should keep these medicines in safe and secure cabinets.

Make a safe place for cleansers: Having cleansers is a very common thing in a house. It is advisable to store and use these cleaners with proper safety tips. Most of these have lethal ingredients which one shouldn't intake. These products should also be away from the reach of your teens and so locked Kitchen & bathroom cabinets are essential. Also ensure that you do not stock it in bulk. This may result non availability of adequate space for them and you may keep them in open places.

Make proper place for day to day kitchen and bathroom utilities: When you have a teen at your place, a little bit of help in household things is expected from them. Also after entering this age you can not tell them to finish of their routine activities like bathing or brushing. In precise supervision will not be a part in majority of the job. It is a smart thought to install kitchen & bathroom cabinets as it would help you to get easy access to all items. You should install them in a reasonable height so that kids can easily reach at them. At the same time sharp objects like chopper knife, razors etc should be stored in safe sections within cabinets.

Search for unique and innovative kitchen & bathroom cabinets: Teen is the age where your kid would invite and be invited for slumber parties. You might have chosen the best looks for your house but when it comes to kitchen & bathroom cabinets it is important that you move slowly. Keep in mind the preferences of your kid. This does not mean you have to alter your house appearance according to their choice. You should pick the color as per the preference of your kid and interior design of your home. You can even look out for designed or patterned cabinets for your kitchen and bathroom. You can talk to your teenage kids about what they have in their mind; you might have good innovative ideas.

Safe houses are built when such things are taken care of. But having an eye on them continuously is also not possible. However concentrating on detailed things like selection of kitchen & Bathroom Vanity according to them can be one of the steps. Do not forget to choose good locking system for the cabinets. Kids are expert in locating the keys and opening the cabinets. Ensure to keep the keys in safer place. Do not keep the duplicate keys in obvious places.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bathroom vanities: what should you look for?

You can get a classy looking bathroom when you have bathroom vanities. They are helpful in keeping toiletries like towels, soaps and shampoos etc. You will be thus getting a well organized bathroom. Simply selecting any vanity for the bathroom may hamper the bathroom appearance. So beneath are few essential points to think upon if you wish to get perfect vanities for your bathroom.

Bathroom vanities magnitude measurement:

Measurement of your Bathroom Vanities is the first thing you need to check. This will help you to determine the right size of bathroom vanities for your bathroom. See to it that you do not buy big cabinets for a small sleek bathroom. It is because the complete space in the bathroom will get occupied.

If you wish to have spacious bathroom then you can go for ground mounted bathroom vanities. At the base of these cabinets is a fixed unit. This is the one which will be fixed up below the sink. They offer plenty space for storing things.

Plan out the styling and designs of these bathroom vanities:
The vanity deigns will take the entire credit for your bathroom's look.

Choose that design which you like the most:

You will find an array of option right from one with classic looks to modern looks. You can also go for combination of more than one design to get a different look. Vanities with different shapes can be opted for when you have large bathrooms. Think of curved shape bathroom vanities for adding a look to your bathroom. The design should be planned according to the other members of the family. A family with small kids should prefer cabinets which are closer to the ground.

Types of Material used for bathroom vanities:

These days you will find vanities made from variety of materials. The best options for you can be either glass or wood or even ceramics. However the base will be the same for any material and it is wood. But initially decide the type of wood you wish to choose for your vanity. The most chosen options of wood materials for vanities are hardwood, maple wood, oak wood, etc. Materials with natural colors are preferably the most suited option. Owners of bathroom with less natural light should make use of light coloured wood. But if you have huge bathrooms then dark shades will look elegant. Make use of woods which are easy to craft upon. Always makes sure you have a top coat applied after these cabinets are built up. It will make the vanities long lasting and durable.

Offer you a change in decor:

There are many who feel changing the Bathroom Vanity is equal to renovating the complete bathroom space. But changing only the vanities will change the look of your bathroom entirely. So it is important that you keep in mind the current decor of your bathroom while buying these vanities.

Consider the price list:

Always check the rates when you go along with vanities which are ready made. You can ask for the prices with few short listed providers. In case you wish for personalized vanities you can also opt for them. Hunt down manufacturers of vanities who would assist you with the right kind of vanities for your bathroom.
A keen observation on the above mentioned points will help you get perfect bathroom vanities.